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Located in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, Astitva Construction Company is one of the leading Real Estate Contractors operating in the region providing comprehensive solution for various construction needs and requirements of the clients. Astitva Construction is India’s leading real estate consultant with satisfied customers and 14 states in India and Nepal. We Provide Complete solution for your REAL ESTATE NEEDS in Gorakhpur and All Uttar Pradesh in professional way for more houses & properties. We are strongly guided by our core values that include ensuring customer satisfaction which is fundamental to our business, providing pre and post sales services of the highest quality, enabling transparent deals for our growth and wealth enhancement of the investor. We always ready to maximize. We are one of the leading real estate companies involved in the process of offering various services such as Property Buying Services, Property Selling Services, Property Rental Services, Paying Guest Services and Property Lease services. We understand that time is money for you, so professionally we can identify the potential client and carry out with the entire deal in the most effective manner, both time and money wise.