About Us

About Us

Astitva Constructions Company is the driving force and inspiration Design Company stable at Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh in June 2002. Astitva Constructions has successfully completed about 500 above projects within India of Residential, Industrial and Commercial kind. Projects receive attention to the smallest detail, apart from every stage in every process being carefully monitored by the best professionals in the business. Quality therefore is of utmost importance.

Carefully selected according to criteria of professionalism, uniqueness, and quality of design, offices are profiled on easy-to-navigate pages that allow the firms to present themselves and their work. Optimum utilization of interior space is as important a feature for the company as it is for prospective buyer. Equal attention is also paid to the surroundings, and beautifully landscaped gardens always adorn Astitva Construction’s projects and to provide easy access to important information Astitva Construction Company also offer most modern amenities in projects with a view to enhancing comfort levels for all available in some projects like vinely landscaped gardens and children's playgrounds, building, hospitals, churches, School, sopping moll etc.

Associates Key Persons:

  • Arch. Anubhav Verma (ARCHITECT)
  • Parul Anubhav Verma (Interior Designer)

Field Experience:

  • Arch. Anubhav Verma (Architect) More than 17 years
  • Parul Anubhav Verma (Interior Designer) 10 years

Arch. Anubhav Verma (Architect) Skill:

  • Designing (Architecture & Interior)
  • Space Utilization
  • Renovation Techniques
  • Project Handling & Managment
  • Team Leading

Parul Anubhav Verma (Interior Designer) Skill:

  • Modern & Contemporary Interior Designer
  • Space Utilization
  • Theme Base Interiors
  • Colour Scheme
  • Team Leading